how it works

Organization Set-up

Sumeru's Threat Meter just needs your organization's Top Level Domain(TLD) as input to begin the scan.

Automated External Asset discovery

Passive and Non-intrusive scanning and hundreds of data sources are used to find online assets with just your domain as the input. This continuous automated attack surface discovery process discovers your entire online environment that you were unaware of.

Keyword Generation for Monitoring

Threat Meter auto generates several keywords based on the assets discovered as well as from the customer input.

Attack Surface Risk Identification

Threat Meter has a set of passive and non-intrusive test cases through which it identifies vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and other risks associated with external digital assets.

Data Collection

Threat Meter collects the relevant data from the surface web, the dark web, and from our historical data storage using the keywords generated.

Confirmation and Classification

Threat Meter's AI mechanism will evaluate and classify the findings and our team of security experts will make sure you see the relevant findings in the dashboard.

Threat & Financial Risk Scoring

Sumeru's Threat Meter arrives at an overall Threat Score and Probable Financial Risk using industry standards and proprietary algorithms. These scores provide a means for monitoring the security hygiene of organizations and determining whether their security posture is improving or declining over time.

Threat Meter's scoring helps in:

  • Communicating the risks in Numerical and financial terms to the CXOs and Board
  • Justifying new cybersecurity initiatives
  • Prioritizing & balancing the remediation

Reporting & Alerts

Receive instant notification of vulnerable assets, misconfigurations, and changes to your IT environment as soon as they are detected. Alert rules can be configured based on the severity level.