Frequently Asked Questions

Attack surface management is the continuous discovery, inventory, prioritization, classification, and security monitoring of an organization’s IT ecosystem from an attacker's perspective.

External attack surface management (EASM) is a cybersecurity discipline that identifies and manages the risks presented by internet-facing assets. EASM refers to the processes and technologies necessary to identify these external-facing systems, as well as control their vulnerabilities.

Attack surface management is crucial for the prevention and mitigation of risks stemming from legacy, IoT, and shadow IT assets. It also works to prevent human mistakes or omissions such as phishing or data leaks.

Sumeru Threat Meter is an ultimate EASM tool that helps you to advance your fight against external cyber threats.

No. Threat Meter is a SaaS product. ON-PREM deployment is not possible as Threat Meter does internet-wide scans consuming huge internet bandwidth and server resources which will be difficult to handle from an ON-PREM environment.

Yes. Threat Meter can forward alert data to SIEMs that accept standard Syslog data.