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External Attack Surface Monitoring

Sumeru's Threat Meter monitors your external attack surface and offers you the critical assets & risk coverage.
Assets Coverage:

Domains (TLDs)


IPs, Cloud Servers

Open Ports

Publicly exposed employees' email addresses

Mobile Apps

Social Media Profiles, and more

Risk Coverage:

SSL Misconfigurations

IP Reputation

DNS Misconfiguration

Public Credential Leaks

Website Reputation

Service Misconfiguration

Unnecessary Open Ports

Outdated version

Active Scan for Digital Assets

Perform security scans for all your digital assets, including applications, servers, mobile apps, cloud assets from one place and get a report with an actionable mitigation plan.

Brand & Reputation Monitoring

Sumeru's Threat Meter protects your brand and helps you from the fallout of reputation damages.

Threat Coverage:

Unofficial Social Media Profiles

Impersonating Domains

Impersonating Mobile Apps

VIP Profile Monitoring.

Data Leak Monitoring in Dark & Deep Web

Sumeru's Threat Meter gives you all the visibility you need to detect sensitive data exposed over the darknet by employees, contractors, or third parties in 100+ dark web & internet sources

Threat Coverage:

Source Code

Employee Emails & Credentials

API/DB Credentials

Sensitive Corporate Data & Files

Data Breaches

Customer Data, etc.

Monitoring Data Leaks in Public Videos

Threat Meter Video Monitoring helps discover data leaks from publicly shared videos. It detects sensitive information unknowingly exposed in screen-share, product demos, webinars, video sharing platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Phishing Threat Detection

Most phishing solutions in the market work at the perimeter level and will only help you detect any incoming phishing email. It does not protect the end customer from the phishing attacks targeted towards them in the name of the organization.

Threat Coverage:

Threat Meter solves this challenge by acting at the initial phase of the phishing attack by detecting the following threats and protecting the end customer:

Possible Typosquatting Domains

Registered Typosquatting Domains

Phishing Pages & Domains

Phishing Email Servers

Rogue Mobile Apps Detection

Sumeru's Threat Meter helps to discover fraudulent mobile apps that are leveraging customer brands to infect end users or steal credentials.

Threat Coverage:

Unofficial & Untrusted Apps

Rogue Apps

Repackaged Apps

Sources Covered:





Apk here

Apksupport & 80+ untrusted app stores